Tuesday, 3 January 2012
A Loyal Companion.

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This is Mickey Mouse. That should be obvious enough!

But! - This Mickey isn't just any ordinary Mickey.

Mickey was given to me last year during my one month stint in the hospital by my doctor, Dr. N.

Dr. N is well-known not only for being an expert in his field, but also for his friendliness and for being such an understanding doctor. You can easily tell that he does what he does not for the money; he sincerely wants to help his patients recover, get cured and resume normal lifestyles.

After my stem cell transplant, he gave me this plush toy as a form of support. He gave Minnie to a 14-year-old girl (she should be turning 15 this year) who was diagnosed with leukimia. (Hope she's doing much better now.)

Going through many discomforts and pain caused by the side effects then besides feeling lonely, Mickey was and still is a great comfort to me in my journey to recovery.

I may be 18 going on 19 soon, but my inner child certainly is grateful for the gift.

As for the older me, I definitely appreciate the gesture and am enjoying the chance to relive my childhood memories.

Words are certanly not enough to express my gratitude, but sincerely...

Thank you, Dr. N.



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Monday, 2 January 2012
"Go Get Out!"

I talked to a friend today.

It saddens me that this friend still doesn't understand the fact why I'm not allowed to go out and meet up with my friends. Apparently it's very hard for some people to understand or even remember why I have to be quarantined like this.

Being quarantined isn't my choice. Being unable to see my friends also isn't my choice.

Being a cancer patient isn't my choice.

It's upsetting that some people think that I'm purposely locking myself up at home because I have low self-esteem about my looks or I'm turning into an anti-social individual.

Super frustrating and annoying indeed.

I know I can't expect everyone to understand my predicament, but can't they at least try to understand?

This friend made me cry.

Honestly, I don't think I'll be talking to this person again anytime soon.

Thanks for ruining my day, 'friend'.

P.S. I made you feel bad on purpose. Didn't see the need to be nice anymore.



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Sunday, 1 January 2012
Friend or Foe?

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It's an enemy because it certainly waits for no one.

In my case, and only much recently - it's also a friend.

2011 was kind of a rough year for me. My cancer came back, and with that comes more treatments to get me cured. I had to go through a lot. So did my family members.

I lost friends. I gained new ones though.

Frankly, I'm just glad that it's a new year. Even if things still aren't quite going my way.

That aside, the subject of this photo is a pocket watch necklace I got in early 2010. I remember that when I bought it, I was with Lun Hui. We attended the same tuition for Physics, and we went to Plaza Pelangi before that - her to get some stationery; I just went along to get some fresh air, since I had classes all morning before that. Somehow, we were nearly late for class! Thankfully, it was only roll call when we got to our seats.

Those were definitely one of the good old days.



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